Nanobiomaterials in Preventive AND Restorative Dentistry –A Review

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G. Backiya Priya
Preethi Archana
Vasantha Kumari
Selva Balaji


In our daily lives, nanotechnology is extensively used, especially in medicine. It is simple to examine and modify the atoms, chemical bonds, and molecules that are present between different compounds using nanotechnology. Dentistry’s major concerns include preventing tooth decay and treating lesions and cavities. In many cosmetic products that maintain oral health, nano biomaterials for application have recently been developed using biomimetic methods. According to predictions, nanotechnology will eventually make it possible to rebuild and repair dental hard tissues. Via antibacterial, re mineralizing, and anti-inflammatory actions, they guard against tooth cavities. Only a few materials that were thoroughly explored are included in this study, despite the fact that numerous nanoparticles have been investigated for their function in preventing dental caries.

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G. Backiya Priya, Preethi Archana, Vasantha Kumari, Selva Balaji, & Pragadeesh. (2023). Nanobiomaterials in Preventive AND Restorative Dentistry –A Review . Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 3037–3045. Retrieved from


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