Clinical Evaluation of Chewable Probiotic Tablets as an Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease- A Pilot Project

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Shreya Shetty
Dara Kamal Mohammed Khan
Mawadah Mohammed Najeeb Khayat
Sarah Ali Hakami
Layan Samer Alsaadawi
Dania Basil Alsibaie


Introduction: Probiotics have been recently investigated as a promising adjunctive treatment along with scaling and roots planning for treating periodontal disease owing to their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. The present study set out to determine how probiotics affected several clinical markers of periodontal health. Methods: 62 Subjects diagnosed with Periodontitis were subjectively allocated to examination and controlling clusters based on such exclusion and inclusion criteria. The test group participants were administered probiotic chewable tablets (2 billion CFU) for 7 days following scaling and root planing (non-surgically  periodontal therapy) at baseline whereas the control group participants were only observed following scaling and root planning alone.Clinical periodontal parameters viz, oral hygiene index, bleeding index, periodontal pocket depth and clinical attachment loss were assessed at baseline, 30 days( 1 month)and 90 days( 3 months) follow-up. Results: Considering an intra-group P-value of less than 0.001, medical metrics significantly improved in both the experimental and control groups. Even though the test group's average variations were greater, intergroup interactions and analyses among the two groups showed no statistically significant variations (P > 0.05). Compared to the control group, the experimental( test) group had more obvious modifications to the disease condition. Conclusion: Probiotics may be beneficial as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal rehabilitation in treating patients with periodontal disease.

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Shreya Shetty, Dara Kamal Mohammed Khan, Mawadah Mohammed Najeeb Khayat, Sarah Ali Hakami, Layan Samer Alsaadawi, & Dania Basil Alsibaie. (2023). Clinical Evaluation of Chewable Probiotic Tablets as an Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease- A Pilot Project. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 3092–3104. Retrieved from


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