Knowledge of Waste Management Among Nursing Students in Moga, Punjab: An Exploratory Study

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Suman Sudhir Alexander
Rupinder Kaur Gill
Ashu Kesar


Introduction: Biomedical waste encompasses waste from human/animal diagnosis, treatment, immunization, and related research activities. It also includes waste from biological substance production/testing. It involves waste generation, characterization, minimization, collection, separation, treatment, and disposal.

Materials and Methods: The study employed a quantitative approach with an exploratory research design to investigate the knowledge regarding waste management among nursing students. The research was conducted in Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Nursing, Moga district of Punjab. A total of 60 participants were selected using non-probability purposive sampling technique. Data collection was carried out using a pre-designed demographic proforma and a self-structured knowledge questionnaire focused on bio-medical waste management.  The questionnaire included 30 questions, with one mark given for each correct answer and zero marks for incorrect answers. Scores ranged from zero to a maximum of 30. Knowledge levels were categorized as good (23-30), average (16-22), and below average (1-15). Data were coded and imported into Excel for analysis, which was performed using SPSS version 26.

Results: Out of 60 nursing students, 40% were aged 15-20 years and 60% were aged 20-25 years. In terms of gender distribution, 28% were males and 72% were females. Regarding their knowledge of biomedical waste management, the majority of students (56%) had below average knowledge. Additionally, 42% of the students had an average level of knowledge, while only 1% demonstrated good knowledge with scores ranging from 23 to 30. Conclusion: In conclusion, there is a significant need to enhance students' knowledge of waste management, specifically in the realm of biomedical waste. Implementing comprehensive education and training programs, along with encouraging active participation, will equip future healthcare professionals to effectively manage and contribute to sustainable waste management practices.

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