The Impact of Communication Skills on Lab Test Results: The Moderating Effect of the Perceived Risk of Patients in Healthcare Organizations

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Salwa Almarwani
Nizar Alsubahi
Ahmed Alzahrani
Fahad Nasser Alhazmi
Ala'eddin Ahmad


The study focuses on underscoring the impacts of communication skills on the outcomes of lab tests carried out at King Abdul-Aziz Medical City (National Guard) in Jeddah (KAMC). The researchers aimed to assess the factors affecting communication skills adopted by health services providers at KAMC. A descriptive analytical method was used to attain the study objectives of understanding the impacts of communication skills on lab test results. The researchers used questionnaires consisting of two sections; personal data of the study sample and the seven-pronged list of factors associated to communication skills among healthcare providers at KAMC. The factors that influenced communication skills among healthcare providers included rapport, support, explanation, trust, empathy, partnership, and cultural competence. A total of 299 study subjects including nurses, laboratory technician and physicians were involved in answering the questionnaire. However, only 245 (85%) of the study population completed questionnaires. The study found there is a significant correlation between four factors including rapport, partnership, empathy, and cultural competence to communication skills in healthcare providers. However, there was correlation between factors such as support, trust, and explanation and the communication skills among healthcare providers. The research recommends the hospital to motivate healthcare providers to improve their communication skills by encouraging them to provide quality healthcare services. The hospital is advised to promote education in communication skills, and adopt it as an organizational culture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               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Almarwani, S. ., Alsubahi, N. ., Alzahrani, A. ., Alhazmi, F. N. ., & Ahmad, A. . (2023). The Impact of Communication Skills on Lab Test Results: The Moderating Effect of the Perceived Risk of Patients in Healthcare Organizations. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 01–18. Retrieved from


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