Assessment of the Significance of Polymorphic Allelic Variants of the Genes of the Hemostasis System in the Development of Cerebrovascular Disorders in Мetabolic Syndrome

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Shermukhamedova F.K.
Muratov F.Kh.
Asadullaev A.U.
Islamov D.I.


The leading cause of cerebrovascular diseases, including stroke, is the pathology of cerebral vessels.

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Shermukhamedova F.K., Muratov F.Kh., Asadullaev A.U., & Islamov D.I. (2023). Assessment of the Significance of Polymorphic Allelic Variants of the Genes of the Hemostasis System in the Development of Cerebrovascular Disorders in Мetabolic Syndrome. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 145–149. Retrieved from


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