Correlating Age of Menarche, Coitarche and First Conception

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Jitendra V. Shukla
Shloka N. Baxi
Prachi Chavda
Vivek R. Patel


Reproduction is an important characteristic of life. Although a common and important feature of livings, it has varying charecteristics in different species and among different races in the same species and even in the same family among successive generations.  Also the onset of reproductive age and longevity of reproductive age is dependent on the gender. Males mature a bit later compared to female. This study was conducted in Dhiraj hospital to ascertain the relationship between the age of menarche, age of coitarche and age of first conception. At the end of the study we found that the early menarche is associated with high fertility as suggested by lesser gynaecological age before conception.

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Shukla, J. V., Baxi, S. N. ., Chavda, P. ., & Patel, V. R. (2023). Correlating Age of Menarche, Coitarche and First Conception. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 193–199. Retrieved from


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