An Innovative Technique for Complete Maxillectomy Rehabilitation

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Tanvi R Patil
Chaitrali Desai
Bikash Pattanaik
Seema Pattanaik
Neha Belsare
Ashish Mesharam


Mucormycosis is life-threatening and rapidly progressing fungal infection. The commonly used treatment protocol for such conditions includes surgical debridement including resection of maxillofacial structures like orbit, nose, and maxilla.

Aim: The primary aim of this innovation was to enhance the retention and stability of a prosthesis during rehabilitation of complete maxillectomy defects.

Materials and Method:

In this novel technique, aid of extra-oral anchorage was taken to overcome the lack of retention in complete maxillectomy defects.

Result: The prosthesis provides improved functional and esthetic rehabilitation of the patient.

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Tanvi R Patil, Chaitrali Desai, Bikash Pattanaik, Seema Pattanaik, Neha Belsare, & Ashish Mesharam. (2023). An Innovative Technique for Complete Maxillectomy Rehabilitation. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 222–226. Retrieved from


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