Early Verticalization in Brain Stroke in Patients with Heart Disease

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N.A. Khodjaeva
B.G. Gafurov
S.S. Pulatov
Kh.R. Bobokulov
B.P. Juraev


This article discusses the early verticalization in brain stroke in patients with heart disease. We would like to see these methodological recommendations as a practical guide for physicians of neurology departments and other departments and clinics treating patients with cerebral strokes, especially those at risk of developing immobilization syndrome, therefore, it seems relevant to us to explain the rules for preparing and conducting in such patients in the form of generalized provisions and dogmas.

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N.A. Khodjaeva, B.G. Gafurov, S.S. Pulatov, Kh.R. Bobokulov, & B.P. Juraev. (2023). Early Verticalization in Brain Stroke in Patients with Heart Disease. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 340–347. Retrieved from https://www.jclmm.com/index.php/journal/article/view/996


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